Disassembling and Decompiling

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Name | Description | –– | ———– |<classes> | List of classes to disassemble. Can be in either package1.package2.Classname format, or package1/package2/Classname format. Do not include the .class extension.-help, --help, -? | Print this usage message |-version | Version information |-v, -verbose | Print additional information |-l | Print line number and local variable tables |-public | Show only public classes and members |-protected | Show protected/public classes and members |-package | Show package/protected/public classes and members (default) |-p, -private | Show all classes and members |-c | Disassemble the code |-s | Print internal type signatures |-sysinfo | Show system info (path, size, date, MD5 hash) of class being processed |-constants | Show final constants |-classpath <path> | Specify where to find user class files |-cp <path> | Specify where to find user class files |-bootclasspath <path> | Override location of bootstrap class files |

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