Expressing the power of 2

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For expressing the power of 2 (2^n) of integers, one may use a bitshift operation that allows to explicitly specify the n.

The syntax is basically:

int pow2 = 1<<n;


int twoExp4 = 1<<4; //2^4
int twoExp5 = 1<<5; //2^5
int twoExp6 = 1<<6; //2^6
int twoExp31 = 1<<31; //2^31

This is especially useful when defining constant values that should make it apparent, that a power of 2 is used, instead of using hexadecimal or decimal values.

int twoExp4 = 0x10; //hexadecimal
int twoExp5 = 0x20; //hexadecimal
int twoExp6 = 64; //decimal
int twoExp31 = -2147483648; //is that a power of 2?

A simple method to calculate the int power of 2 would be

int pow2(int exp){
    return 1<<exp;

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