Java Native Interface

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[{“Name”:“Java SE 1.1”,“GroupName”:null},{“Name”:“Java SE 1.2”,“GroupName”:null},{“Name”:“Java SE 1.3”,“GroupName”:null},{“Name”:“Java SE 1.4”,“GroupName”:null},{“Name”:“Java SE 5”,“GroupName”:null},{“Name”:“Java SE 6”,“GroupName”:null},{“Name”:“Java SE 7”,“GroupName”:null},{“Name”:“Java SE 8”,“GroupName”:null},{“Name”:“Java SE 9 (Early Access)”,“GroupName”:null}]


Parameter | Details |

——— | —–– |

JNIEnv | Pointer to the JNI environment | jobject | The object which invoked the non-static native method | jclass | The class which invoked the static native method |


Setting up JNI requires both a Java and a native compiler. Depending on the IDE and OS, there is some setting up required. A guide for Eclipse can be found here. A full tutorial can be found here.

These are the steps for setting up the Java-C++ linkage on windows:

Callbacks (Calling Java methods from native code) requires to specify a method descriptor. If the descriptor is incorrect, a runtime error occurs. Because of this, it is helpful to have the descriptors made for us, this can be done with javap -s.

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