Object Member vs Static Member

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With this class:

class ObjectMemberVsStaticMember {

    static int staticCounter = 0;
    int memberCounter = 0;

    void increment() {
        staticCounter ++;

the following code snippet:

final ObjectMemberVsStaticMember o1 = new ObjectMemberVsStaticMember();
final ObjectMemberVsStaticMember o2 = new ObjectMemberVsStaticMember();



System.out.println("o1 static counter " + o1.staticCounter);
System.out.println("o1 member counter " + o1.memberCounter);

System.out.println("o2 static counter " + o2.staticCounter);
System.out.println("o2 member counter " + o2.memberCounter);

System.out.println("ObjectMemberVsStaticMember.staticCounter = " + ObjectMemberVsStaticMember.staticCounter);

// the following line does not compile. You need an object
// to access its members
//System.out.println("ObjectMemberVsStaticMember.staticCounter = " + ObjectMemberVsStaticMember.memberCounter);

produces this output:

o1 static counter 3
o1 member counter 1

o2 static counter 3
o2 member counter 2

ObjectMemberVsStaticMember.staticCounter = 3

Note: You should not call static members on objects, but on classes. While it does not make a difference for the JVM, human readers will appreciate it.

static members are part of the class and exists only once per class. Non-static members exist on instances, there is an independent copy for each instance. This also means that you need access to an object of that class to access its members.

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