Queue Interface

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A Queue is a collection for holding elements prior to processing. Queues typically, but not necessarily, order elements in a FIFO (first-in-first-out) manner.

Head of the queue is the element that would be removed by a call to remove or poll. In a FIFO queue, all new elements are inserted at the tail of the queue.

The Queue Interface

public interface Queue<E> extends Collection<E> {
    boolean add(E e);

    boolean offer(E e);

    E remove();

    E poll();

    E element();

    E peek();

Each Queue method exists in two forms:

| Type of operation | Throws exception | Returns special value | | —— | —— |––––| | Insert | add(e) | offer(e) | |Remove|remove()|poll()| |Examine|element()|peek()|

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